For all orders postage and handling is set at a flat rate of A$20.  We use Australia Post and goods are normally shipped within 48 hours of receiving goods.

All prices quoted are Australian dollars and the online transaction will appear on your statement as Ally S Pty Ltd,  Diamond Creek, Australia.

(minimink) will ensure that the parcel is able to be tracked.

Postage and Handling (Charged on total shipment)

If gift wrap has been selected and the goods are to go straight to the recipient, no invoice will be included in the parcel.  For our gift wrap we use high quality paper, lots of ribbon and a round gift tag.  We also write your message on a separate minimink greeting card that goes in with the parcel.

Shipping to a different address

You can add a shipping address different to your usual address. Please ensure that you have selected this address after adding it.